Converting Sleeves & Rollers

Special Formulation and Poly-& Rubber Rollers

For Solvent free and solvent based lamination for Extrusion coating and for Gravure impression Hardness: from 70 to 90 Shor

Technical specifications Tech Sleeves

  1. Guarantee 12 months including sealed edges (correct application provided)
  2. Tolerance Tech Sleeves are guaranteed to have a TIR (tolerance) ± 0.020 mm
  3. Precision grinding TIR< 0.025 mm (measured on a carrier/cylinder with a TIR value ≤ 0.005 mm)
  4. Outer surface Smooth and polished
  5. Mounting On air cylinders with min. bar air-pressure of 12 (litre/second)
  6. Fitting on cylinder No slipping during printing
  7. Wall thickness 0.9 – 50 mm (thicker upon request)
  8. Sleeve length max. length of 2100 mm for repeat sleeves
  9. Repeat length 240-1500 mm
  10. Register line Standard 1x axial line included. Extra axial or vertical lines may be ordered
  11. Register slot As ordered by the customer
  12. Temperature Tech Sleeves and Bridges can handle a temperature of 60 C.
  13. Solvents Tech Sleeves and Bridges are resistant to all solvents used in the flexographic industry.
  14. Cleaning Tech Sleeves should be properly cleaned with alcohol
  15. Label All sleeves will have a label in the inner sleeve with all technical details.
  16. Storage + Vertical on floors
    + In boxes between cones
    + On bars that should have an outer diameter slightly thinner than the BCD of the Sleeve.