What’s inside your Offset coating station? Profits or Problems?

Apex offers the Next Generation Anilox & Metering rolls for a smooth Offset Coating application. These have following features in common:

  • Easy Plug & Play Concept; a strong lightweight aluminium core base includes bearings, tooling and mounting, making your roll production ready.
  • Low life cycle costs; because of an ultra-durable wear-resistant ceramic layer.
  • Shorter delivery times, through Apex stock program

Apex manufactures conventional anilox rolls with a pulse laser, using the UltraMelt technology that melts the ceramic after engraving leaving an extremely smooth ceramic layer behind. Our benefits are:

  • Optimal coating release;
  • Guaranteed coating release;
  • One stop shop for all your anilox specifications (positive, tri-helical, elongated, hexagonal ánd GTT).

GTT OFFSET is the successor to conventional anilox rolls. The open-slalom coating channel geometry sets your coating free.

The superhard non-wetting hybride ceramic trounces porosity and the constant beam laser engraving guarantees an ablating consistent and precise channel. It is a proven and patented technology (EP 2121339, US and foreign patents pending).

GTT OFFSET benefits:

  • Maximizing the visual coating result
  • Boosting profitability
  • Easy GTT Profile selection

Apex products are approved by all leading machine manufacturers in the Flexographic as well as the offset industry.
For more information, send an email to or visit Apex