Alu. – Steel & Carbon Rollers

Our partner AR WALZEN has been designing and producing rollers for every application area for 20 years and manufacture:

Driving rollers
Spreader rollers
Web guiding rollers
Dosing rollers
Printing rollers

Laminating rollers
Guiding rollers
Support rollers
Idle rollers

Drawing rollers
Heating rollers
Cooling rollers
Web drawing measuring rollers

Inside bearing rollers
Throat rollers
Continuous solid axle rollers
Tube axles

Cooling & Heating Rollers

From very small to extra large. Our cooling and heating rollers are designed to enable a particularly uniform temperature distribution over the entire roller width. Cooling /heating is created by an external supply of liquid media. The fluid intake and outlet can be selected to suit your requirements.

Range of applications


Flexo printing
Gravure printing
Screen printing
Offset printing


Laminating machines
Zinc plates
Label printing


Double wall with spiral baffle
Single-sided intake and outlet
Opposing intake and outlet
Counter-directional cooling flow


VA stainless steel
Combination of steel and VA stainless steel


Hard coating
Hard chrome plating (single layer or triple layer)
VA coatings
Plasma-ceramic Teflon coatings
Rubber coating of all types

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