Web Guiding & Tension Control

Global Systems

Our systems’ approach guarantees you a custom solution that meets the specific requirements of your process. Fife’s global products, combined with unmatched application expertise from our worldwide Sales, Service and Engineering teams, assure world class results.

And you can count on factory-trained service and identical parts anywhere in the world.

Web/Strip Guiding

Fife’s automatic guiding systems precisely control the lateral position of materials processed in web/strip form. Setup time and wasted material are reduced dramatically, while product quality and profits are improved.


Fife offers a large array of optional features to complement the above product lines, including several monitoring and alarm packages, as well as equipment suitable for use in harsh and hazardous environments.

Here’s how we keep your web operation humming

Because we provide parts and service for every stage of the web, we can often spot trouble areas before they become a problem. This allows us to improve the efficiency of your operation and help eliminate downtime with innovative, cost-effective and reliable products. Following are just a few of the ways our expertise and products can work for you.

Web Tension Control

By offering a broad range of tension and torque control technologies, you have the flexibility to build a system that meets your specific needs.

From our simplest sensor to our most advanced digital controls, these products are the result of hard-earned experience and unmatched application expertise.

Our commitment to delivering the best possible control solution for your application is a big reason why MAGPOWR has the largest installed base of tension control systems in the industry.

So, whether you are converting or printing, working with paper, film or wire, MAGPOWR provides the tools you need to get the job done right.


  • Load Cells
  • Load Cell-Based Tension Controllers
  • Tension Readouts
  • Dancer Controllers
  • Magnetic Particle Clutches and Brakes
  • Pneumatic Brakes
  • Permanent Magnet Brakes and Clutches

Web Guiding

From the thinnest plastic film to the thickest steel strip, from the narrowest webs to the widest rolls, we deliver a full line of advanced guiding systems and products to meet the needs of any application.


  • Pre-wired, fully integrated web guiding systems
  • Web Guide Controllers
  • Power Units
  • Sensors
  • Actuators
  • Positioners
  • Offset Pivot Guides
  • Steering Guides

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