Flexo Cleaning

We can offer you an excellent program cleaning liquids and machines for the daily and periodic cleaning of your anilox rolls.


Deep cleaning of anilox rolls in your plant

The cleaning of anilox rolls can be done in several ways. For the daily cleaning of anilox rolls, the most common method is the use of liquid cleaners.

For periodic cleaning liquid cleaners are available, but more often customers choose a method, better known as “deep cleaning”.

A special method is powder blasting of your anilox rolls with ArmexTM Maintenance powder or laser cleaning.

Cleaning is carried out with a special diode laser designed to remove elements outside the engraved ceramic surface such as traces of dry ink, adhesives, waxes and silicones that may remain on the surface and inside the alveoli. All without altering or damaging the ceramic surface.

Very fast, effective and clean, leaving no waste.


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