Viscosity Control & Controls For Coating

Viscosity Measurement and Control

Viscosity measurement is our life, we offer suitable products and solutions to measure and control liquids in working process as well as for lab applications.

Test Cups and Accessories

DIN, FORD, ISO and Zahn cups, oc-test cups for manual usage in process with handle, cups with overflow brim, tripods and other accessories

Test Cups and Accessories 1

Viscosity Sensors

Falling ball sensors Viscostar and Compact, rotational sensors for tank and inline usage options like ex-versions, temperature probes and others on request

viscosity sensors


Viscosity Control and Evaluation

Viscosity indication and control with single or combinated central units, various scales and oc 4000 software for suitable units, optionally with multi-valve control for up to 4 solvents to add by adjustable parameters 

Viscosity control and evaluation

ViscoLab rotational units

Rotational units for viscosity evaluation in laboratories and offline applications, quickest indication of dynamic values, units with advanced rheological functions 

viscoLab rotational units

Controls for Coatings and more



MCS coating control units

MCS Systems for coating and ink control with heating/cooling sets, agitation and refill systems. e.g. for UV and metallic coatings.

  • MCS 35-E mobile systems
  • MCS cabinet solutions
  • MCS pump and cleaning units
  • Inline-Sets e.g. with oc-B250
MCS coating control units 1

LC1, ICC systems for Cans & Co.

LC1 coating control incl. onlineconsumption analysis for overvarnish, basecoat and inspray-coating, ICC/ICT temperature controls for inkers, printing units and other machine parts 

LC1, ICC system for Cans & co

TC TopControl systems

TC TopControls with suitable sensors e.g. for level, volume, temperature or pH measurement and controls, inline heatexchanger and cooling units

TC Topcontrol system

Blending and dosing systems

Blending and dosing systems for inks, coatings and solvent mixtures e.g. in printing business and foundry business. Solutions for inline and offline usage

Blending and dosing systems