Flame Treating

Board – Paper – Plastic

Flame treatment for webs can be applied in two different scenarios, “flame pretreatment” of paper board to improve adhesion of extrusion coating / lamination for liquid packaging, or “flame post treatment” of laminates (already on the paperboard) or solely film substrates, for adhesion improvement prior to printing.

Our offered products are market leading in the field of flame treatment, offering new innovations and features designed through our own in-house development, that benefit a global range of clients in their productivity and efficiency.


Improve coating performance, integrity and longevity.

The flame changes the surface characteristics to be more receptive to coating.
Optimises and stabilises the flame conditions to maintain repeatable result on the substrate.

Extrusion coating lines, printing lines, Film coating lines.

Flame Technology

Our flame treatment systems typically consist of:

A combustion cabinet to generate and supply an air/fuel mixture to the burners and burner hoods containing the flame treating burners.

The two key objectives are process optimization and safety (i.e. following European safety standards for the design of industrial combustion equipment).

Unique to the flame treatment system we offer is the method of flame control. This is by means of an Oxygen Analyzer assessing the products of combustion of the flame. The technique allows for automatic control of the flame even if there are subtle changes to the energy of the gas supply, as there often are. With the flame controlled by the oxygen analyzer the flame is optimized for the best adhesion results and also the most efficient gas consumption.

The objective of the flame treatment station is to maintain the relevant process parameters as this will result in consistent and repeatable flame treatment and ultimately consistent adhesion for the entire substrate surface processed.

Areas of Flame Technology

Flame profile

The shape of the flame.

Flame energy

The size of the flame.

Flame consistency

Air / gas ratio by means of the oxygen analyser.

Automatic burner positioning

Flame positioning, relative to the web.

Automatic deckling

The width of the flame relative to the web width.
Together with our suppliers we specialize in the design and manufacture of flame treatment systems.

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